We’ve got Master Classes

We’ve got Master Classes

Word on the street is our attendees wanted Masterclasses this year. We listened and we’re excited to share four offerings for Sweet Home Chicago. We will be providing lunch to all participants between their symphonic rehearsal and masterclasses. Class size is limited by the size in the room. Each class will max out around 140 people and will take place in the same rooms as the symphonic band rehearsals. First come, first served.

Friday, May 27 (2-3pm CT)

Practice Techniques & Self-Editing (SCHED Link): 

  • Description: Most of us have heard it in rehearsal – “if that section isn’t within your ability, just self-edit.” When told to “self-edit”, most people just sit out for the difficult section. But we are here to PLAY! So how can you simplify hard passages so you can still play and contribute to the ensemble? This workshop will give you specific tools to simplify various types of difficult phrases so you don’t have to sit with your instrument in your lap. This is a participatory workshop – we will be playing some tricky passages together, and applying these techniques to make them playable. It won’t be too taxing on the chops, so bring your axe and join us! Note: this workshop is less applicable to percussionists, but you’re welcome to join in if you’d like. 
  • Facilitator: Scott Helms is the founding Artistic Director of Desert Overture LGBTQ+ Wind Symphony in Phoenix, which is celebrating its 12th concert season. Scott holds degrees in Music Theory & Composition and Music Education from Butler University, the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and Ball State University. He taught grades 5-12 band for five years before leaving education and starting his own piano tuning & repair business. He has served on the LGBA Board of Directors and has been an active participant in LGBA/Pride Bands Alliance conferences since 2009.

From the Back of the Ensemble to the Back of the Audience: Percussion Technique in a Large Ensemble (SCHED Link): 

  • Description: In this session, participants will discover and practice percussive skills within a band or orchestral setting. This session will cover how to get the best sound from commonly scored percussion instruments and how to perform them both visually and sonically appealing for audiences. 
  • Facilitator: Joe Panganiban (he/him) is a musician, educator, and arts administrator born and raised in Chicago. He has performed with Lakeside Pride for the past six years within the Symphonic Band and Pops Ensemble. He has also helped form and direct the Lakeside Pride Latin Band and Lakeside Pride MultiVerse, a newly formed cover band. He has also performed with several regional orchestras, musicals, and operas in the Midwest for the past 15 years. Joe received his Bachelor of Music (BM) in Percussion Performance and Music Education from the University of Iowa, and recently completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Music Business from Berklee College of Music and Southern New Hampshire University. He is a former Chicago Public Schools music teacher, former Director of Programs for the national music non-profit Little Kids Rock, and currently works as the Arts Learning Program Officer for the Lloyd A Fry Foundation.

Friday, May 27 (3-4pm CT)

Brass Masterclass: Tips for Playing in Ensembles (SCHED Link

  • Description: This session will walk through helpful tips specifically for brass players in ensembles. This includes tips for how to be a better community member in an ensemble, thoughts about creating community within a section and why that matters, insight about growing your musicianship, and some general tips for being your best brass self when playing in a group. 
  • Facilitator: Jes Klass (she/her) has been playing trumpet since she was very young. In 2014 she completed her Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Since then, Jes has freelanced around the Chicagoland area, played in several community orchestras, played with Lakeside Pride’s symphonic band, performed at the Bristol Renaissance Faire and Medieval Times as a court herald, and has been a proud member of Lakeside Pride’s Brass Quintet for 6 years. Jes also arranges music for the Lakeside Brass Quintet and has recently arranged Show Yourself from Disney’s Frozen II and Portals from Avenger’s Endgame. In most recent years, Jes completed an MFA in Game Design and is now teaching game design, art, and social media courses at DePaul University. 

Woodwinds Masterclass: (SCHED Link)

  • Facilitator: Westley Art Hodges (he/they) is a professional musician living in Chicago, IL. Currently, Westley is the Director of Music of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Evanston, IL as well as a private music instructor with a studio of over 20 students a week. Westley will offer a woodwind masterclass focusing on intonation, healthy practicing habits, and technique. Westley and his fiancê, Joseph are both members of Lakeside Pride’s Symphonic Band and Westley serves on Lakeside Pride’s board as a member-at-large.